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Top 3 Woodworking Design Software

I recently bought a Mac Computer and want to install some woodworking software on it. M.T.D. Software is a privately owned Israeli software house specializing in the development and marketing of 3-D imaging software for furniture design, manufacturing, and marketing and for interior design simulation. The basic Cabinet Explorer module includes all the basic design functionality and costs €5,200. It can be upgraded by adding more software modules.

WoodWorks engineering software for wood design (no relation to the Wood Products Council’s WoodWorks program for non-residential and multi-family buildings) is provided by the Canadian Wood Council and, in the US, is based woodworking equipment on the National Design Specification® (NDS®) for Wood Construction. It includes three modules—Sizer, Shearwalls and Connections—and the Sizer module is also available separately. Click here for more information.

Rhino 5 is what you call prime. Uninhibited modelling allows casting out any kind of shape you might require, accurate and precise calculations of the tiniest detail and logging all such meta-data are some features to start of with why its a good software. The requirement for top-notch hardware does not exist here nor is there an outrageous fee, while writing to and reading from a list of formats, those used by SolidWorks and AutoCAD amongst others. Drafting, print optimization and printing, rendering have their specific modules, dedicated and highly effective while not the least hogging of a 2.0 Ghz Dual core processor. The scripting engine is also available based on VB and usable with ActiveX controls.

But where CAD/CAM software really makes a business more productive is in automating all the processes that go along with designing and cutting parts and products. When the software can help you design a product and its parts, then generate labels, reports, parts lists, bills of materials, estimates and even invoices, it saves the user a lot of time and money – not just by relieving the the chore of working all these out by hand, but also by avoiding calculation errors.

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The developer of this product was a woodworker for many years. He built cabinet doors the old fashion way, with pencil, paper and with a calculator. When it came to our competetors, he woodworking tools had the advantage of being able to design a product that is exactly tailored to the industry itself. The result is a program that is specific to the terms used in this type of company.

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