Woodworking Lathe



A woodworking lathe with accessories

A woodworking lathe with accessories. Most  large  sizes  of  lathes  are  provided  with  a power-feeding carriage. A cone-pulley belt arrangement  provides  power  from  the  motor,  and trackways are cast to the inside of the bed for sliding the  carriage  back  and  forth.  All  machines  have  a metal bar that can be attached to the bed of the lathe between the operator and the work. This serves as a hand tool rest and provides support for  the  operator in guiding tools along the work. It may be of any size and is adjustable to any desired position. In lathe work, wood is rotated against the special cutting  tools  (illustrated  in  figure  3-6).  These  tools include  turning  gouges  (view  A);  skew  chisels  (view B);   parting   tools   (view   C);   round-nose   (view   D); square-nose (view E); and spear-point (view F)

Baileigh Bench Top Wood Lathe WL-1218VS

Woodworking Lathe

The WL-1218VS from Baileigh Industrial sets a new standard in bench top wood lathes.  This all cast iron lathe has a 12” swing with 18” between centers.  The cast iron construction makes for a rigid structure to increase accuracy when cutting.
The WL-1218VS is a variable speed lathe with three speed ranges, 250 to 750, 600 to 1800, and 1350 to 4000 rpm.  A speed control knob helps determine what speed the spindle is running at. It also has an MT2 taper for spindle and tailstock. A 3” face plate and 6” tool rests are also included.


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