Small Woodworking Projects To Sell

Small Woodworking Projects To Sell


Carpentry Projects at Home

Here are just a few examples of small woodworking projects to sell that can be done with little wood, little space and basic tool. There is no need for large machinery or a large workshop to perform them and the technique is not very advanced either. Just a few cuts, screws / nails, sanding … much sanding and finishing. That is basically what it consists of.

Constant practice is crucial in this type of manual labor. Many have cost me frustration and anger and even additional expenses not contemplated, but the balance has been positive overall. Many show beginner mistakes or failures I made, but I have improved over time. The techniques and skills I acquired for these projects were obtained largely from the Internet: YouTube – to be precise – as there are a lot of channels and videos (mostly in English) and they show from basic techniques, tool uses, tutorials And medium projects to true works of art with wood. Of course I am still a long way from these professionals and they take me many years of advantage (without taking into account the equipment and tools they use) but at the pace I have advanced I think I can achieve something worthy to show my grandchildren.

Kitchen Tables

Small Woodworking ProjectsChopping boards shaped like a piglet and a cow. Made of expensive wood.

Work table

Small Woodworking Projects to sellThis table was originally for the kitchen, but my wife did not like it so it ended up being my work desk assistant for outdoor work. The legs and frame is made of pine and the cover is 12mm Triplex.

Dressing table

Dressing table ProjectsThis was a gift for my wife’s birthday, a Hello Kitty-themed dressing table. The table was originally a shelf that I placed legs, just like pine, and in the mirror I put a Kitty bow that I made with a caliper.


Small Woodworking Projects that sellThis frame was a gift for my dad on Father’s Day. It is made with pine molding and inking. The Family Weapon Exchequer is printed on blanket and pasted onto a pine board.

Bedroom Bureau

Woodworking Projects that sellA couple of bureaus made from two pre-made desk drawers. I just added some little boards like Paws and Voila … we already have buros

Kitchen Table and Hot Utensils

Small Woodworking Projects can sell

A chopping board and a trio of bases for hot utensils. Made of pine and cured with mineral oil to avoid moisture and fungus. The bases also carry a coating with beeswax to prevent them from burning

Shelf Holder

Woodworking Projects to sell

This useful key holder was very flirty with a little plant. I cut a spare table into two and joined perpendicularly and one I made a hole the size of the bottle mouth (jam) to serve as a vase. A good ‘recycling project’ and always a useful gift.

Shape Box

Small Woodworking to sellThis box of chisels was my first box and first serious carpentry project. It is made to fit the chisels my sister from USA brought me and it took me days to finish it. It is a little bit out of the way but I took some esteem because it was very good despite the details. It is made of 9mm Triplay and carries pieces of black Foamy to avoid damage of the chisels and the box itself

Base for Cellphone or Tablet

small woodworking ideasThis is a base for a cell phone / tablet that I had to invent to place my cell phone when I’m in the studio listening to music or watching the videos or plans to do some project. Really simple, made with a spare piece of pine and cut by hand to the size of my phone

Base for Payment Boat

small woodworking plansThis simple but very practical base for glue has helped me a lot. They are two boards glued where the upper has two perforations of the width of the mouth of the glue cans to put them inverted. I have seen that it does not battle one when there is little product in the boat and is delayed less taking advantage of the last of the glue.

Tool Shelf

Small woodworking projectThe shelf to place my tools and some other accessories like paints varnishes, oil, etc. This table is 20×200 mm and measures case 80 cm long. It does not reach me anymore so I’ll have to make another one. The second image is the detail of the porta-rollos and that also reaches me for some of the tweezers that I use.

ch, much work behind. From this table I said that I would not do more projects of this size because it did not give me the space to finish it.

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