Small Woodworking Projects That Sell

Small Woodworking Projects That Sell


Wooden crafts have been around since ancient times. It can be seen from various ancient relics made of wood. Wood craft development in the world is also very rapidly various types of crafts have been produced. There are various types of wood, in every country has a typical wood and can be if it becomes a good quality handicraft. In general, the wood used to make a craft is mahogany, teak wood, pine wood, and many other types of wood. There are also artisans who use waste wood or waste wood that has not been used to make a variety of handicraft products.

Unique and Interesting Wooden Craft Ideas

miniature motorcycle from wood

In making wooden crafts required skil and also skills to process the wood, especially the skills to use supporting tools associated with sawing tools and carving.

By mastering these skills you can make a variety of wooden crafts such as wall hangings, miniatures, tissue places, paintings, and various other crafts. While the current handicrafts are in demand by foreign markets such as handicrafts ornaments (sculpture), wicker and wood crafts such as various household funiture. Here are some wooden crafts that you can make inspiration.

Miniature of Wooden Handicraft Vehicles



Wood that has a hard texture and has a unique fiber that will produce a unique craft and has an expensive selling point.

Various miniature vehicles are made of used wood. By forming small woods that have been made into motor parts that are the same as the original. Miniature vehicles that can decorate the indoor tables to be more interesting. With natural colors of wood will give a classic impression, so it will provide a simple and comfortable atmosphere.

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Wooden Furnitures





Since ancient times a lot of funiture made of wood to facilitate in carrying out daily activities.

Many handicrafts are made from wood, among them are a variety of unique funiture. One example is the craft of teak wood, the roots are usually used as a unique chair and table and elegant. The irregular root shape will add an exotic value to the craft. Usually teak handicrafts are widely found in Blora and Jepara areas that are well known for various wood processing products.

Wooden Craft Carving

Wood Carving Craft

Wood Carving Craft

Carving art has existed since ancient times, it can be known by the number of archaeological sites that there are many carvings on the stone, or can also be seen on the reliefs on the walls of the temple.

Carving on wooden handicraft must be familiar to you? Many ornaments are made of wood carved with a certain motif to beautify the look. Wooden carving is usually made on handicrafts in the form of cabinets, wall hangings, doors, and many others.

Wooden Pencils Case

wooden pencil case

pencil case made from wood

pencil case from wood


Wood can also be used as a simple craft as seen in various wooden pencils.

Need a unique pencil idea for your everyday needs? You can use a variety of wood to be used as a pencil. By having a unique pencil place this will increase your learning spirit of course.

That is some wooden craft that you can make inspiration in making your own product. The amount of wood resources you can use to become various crafts that have high selling value.

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