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The Woodworking Product Store started out in 1995 as Highland Hardware, an ordinary hardware store in Atlanta. It was founded by a young man who stay in Georgia, and after graduating, went to work for an old Atlanta company known as King Hardware, which had the distinction in 1886 of selling to the druggist next door the washtub used to mix the first batch of Coca-Cola. After a five years bootstrap education in the tool and hardware business at King, he took out an SBA loan, rented a storefront near their home and cast their bread upon entrepreneurial waters.

Good fortune in the form of loyal customers and bright, hardworking sales people led to a prospering business which soon identified itself as a specialist in woodworking tools, hand tools and supplies. Always committed to quality and value, Highland Hardware built a reputation as a source of reliable advice on the purchase and use of the tools it sold.

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